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12 April 2010, Education Times

Inviting All Young Minds

Students are made to work on specific projects in small groups. Besides,

TOI: IAYM 2010
Excel in Business Finance course is currently taught to about 2000 students at various business school campuses.

At the postgraduate level, it offers courses in mathematics, physics and computer science. These courses train participants to pursue careers in pure mathematics as well as in applicable mathematics. Graduates of these courses are admitted to the graduate

programmes of the University of Houston with full credit, financial aid and a tuition waiver.

Their ‘Work and Learn Programme’ — wherein undergraduate and graduate students serve an internship with MSF — combines study and work, with students learning computer and mathematical skills and are also employed on diverse projects ranging from image processing to education technology.

Singh informs: “We are planning to set up an innovation institute for mathematics and IT which would provide a common platform for students, teachers, industry and even society to come together to innovate and experiment.”

The foundation has been engaged for over several years through several innovative programmes related to the teaching, understanding, learning and application of mathematics at the school, college and postgraduate levels. “We believe in hands-on education wherein research by students and faculty is an integral part. The foundation is creating a role model for higher education in India,” adds Singh.

At the undergraduate level, it offers part-time courses in applications of mathematics — mathematical finance, corporate finance and mathematical simulation with information technology.

“With the support of Nasscom, we are currently engaged in a 15-year project to redefine the mathematics curriculum at the school level and develop e-lessons and testing methodologies. Several innovative mathematical tools for school children of classes VI-X have already been created,” says Singh.

MSF is a registered non-profit educational society (under the Societies Registration Act of 1860). Its faculty has studied and worked at leading institutions of the world, such as Oxford, Imperial College, Berkeley, Purdue, TIFR, IITs, Indian Statistical Institute, University of Delhi, University of Houston, University of Warwick, among others.