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21 April 2010, Wednesday

GO, FIGURE Internships for youths to explore numbers game
Joyeeta Ghosh joyeeta.ghosh@hindustantimes.com
IAYM: 2010

If your mind is itching to unravel such mysteries join the Mathematical Sciences Foundation (MSF) this summer.

MSF is inviting entries for its summer programme 'Inviting All Young Minds 2010.' The internships are designed to stim- ulate creativity through “hands on“ applications of mathemat- ics with the help of computing techniques. It also aims to encourage teamwork, commu- nication and computational skills and out-of-the-box thinking.

Students from across the country can apply for this pro- gramme, which is free. They will be taught computer program- ming and software packages along with mathematics. Access to a computer laboratory, a total stipend of Rs. 5000, free boarding, lodging and rail fare if from outstation are some of the other features of the programme.

School students planning to join the programme should have entered class 10 by summer 2010. Those currently sitting for the class 12 Boards are also eli- gible. College students who will appear in examinations in sum- mer 2010 are eligible from the streams of BSc/ BA/ Btech, which have papers of Mathematics or Statistics. Last year the institute received 1,000 entries for around 60 seats.

MSF is a non-profit educa- tional society engaged in path- breaking and innovative pro- grammes related to the teach- ing, understanding, and appli- cation of mathematics. The funding for the institute present- ly comes from ICICI bank.

For more information, visit their site: http://www.mathscifound.org/