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College and University Level programmes

  Admission is currently open to the following:  
  • Excel in Corporate Finance: A fully online certificate course which imparts the practical knowledge and skills needed for a successful career in the world of Finance. Worldwide admission open.
  • Programme in Mathematical Finance: Our pioneering programme on modern Finance and the role of Mathematics in it. Jointly certified by the ICICI Bank Ltd. Next session starts in mid August 2008.
  • Graduate Programme in Mathematics/Physics/Computer Science: Students completing our one-year programme in Delhi are guaranteed admission with full financial aid to the University of Houston, a world leader in mathematics, science and technology. 41 students have already reached Houston through this programme.

Our other programmes and activities at this level are:


  • Excel in Options and Derivatives: Another online course in Finance. Next session starts in December 2008.
  • From A Life of Mathematics: The most eminent mathematicians of the world visit us to interact with undergraduate students and share their life and work.
  • Nurture Programme: Special programmes to nurture mathematical talent at the college level.
  • Work & Learn: A summer programme in which undergraduate and graduate students acquire mathematical and computer skills and apply them to real world problems.



  • MSF faculty and students have published extensively, both monographs and articles in leading journals. See our list of publications.



  • Visitors. MSF has had many distinguished visitors. See the full list.