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Sahayog: The Student Enhancement Programme

The purpose of the Student Enhancement Programme is to
Impart knowledge through a graded and 'hands on' approach

Concurrently help each child individually to appreciate mathematics through a gentle yet graded approach

Plant the right seeds of knowledge

Build the right concepts for problem-solving skills

Empower the students

Provide hands-on practice

Create joy of learning in mathematics

Enable the students to perform well in exams or in any situation where they need mathematics

Enable students to be active participants in the process of doing mathematics

Gently but effectively enable the students to grasp the fundamentals so that they can perform fancy tricks in problem solving with ease

Enable the students to understand and appreciate concepts in mathematics and their applications

We bring to the students excitement of mathematics, whether pursued for its own sake or for its applications to other branches of knowledge

Develop student's communication skills and build their confidence

Students are encouraged to give seminars and are also encouraged to develop their reading habits

Concepts are motivated through real world examples and historical remarks

Mode of teaching:
Highly interactive sessions

Hands-on practice on extensive and intensive problem sheets

Lecture notes for the students

One to one interactive sessions during the discussions

Students are divided in small groups to provide individualized mentoring by our faculty to discuss the worksheets and clear conceptual doubts

Computer simulations shall be used during our sessions

Home assignments

A 'real world' mathematical project.
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