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Inviting All Young Minds - 2011

(June 6 to June 28, 2011)

Sponsored by the SHIV NADAR UNIVERSITY, Greater NOIDA
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  Rules and Instructions

Important Dates:
Programme begins on:
6 June 2011
Programme ends on:
28 June 2011
Timings: Monday to Saturday:
9:30 AM to 5:30 PM
Reporting time at programme venue on first day:
8:45 AM, 6 June 2011
Last date for receipt of completed registration form from selected students:
17 May 2011
Reporting time for outstation participants at the place of stay:
Between 10:00 AM and 6:00 PM on 5 June 2011
Departure from place of stay of outstation participants:
Between 4 PM, 28 June 2011 and 10 AM, 29 June 2011
Structure of the Programme:
The participants will be divided into groups. Experienced and senior faculty members shall be mentoring the groups. In addition, research students and/or graduate students shall be assigned as Associate Mentors to each group.
Each group shall work on the project assigned to them. The project allotted to you will not be changed. Don’t worry – you will enjoy working on it.
Besides working on the main project, each group will also be working on a project on Mathematics Communication. Details of this project will be given during the programme.
There will be regular computer lab sessions where all participants will be taught some mathematical software.
Interactive sessions will be scheduled where the participants will learn some interesting aspects of mathematics.
The MSF faculty will also take regular classes on important subjects related to the projects, which all participants are to attend. These will be extremely beneficial to the participants in enhancing their knowledge and mathematical skills in addition to their project work.
We expect the participants to work as a team, in the process of developing and learning the project.
On 27 & 28 June, the last 2 days of the programme, the participants will be required to give presentations, as a team on their respective projects.
Rules and Instructions
Please read the following instructions and rules carefully:
The participant has to report to the MSF reception desk at The Air Force School, Subroto Park, by 08:45 AM on 6 June, 2011, from where he/she will be guided by our staff to the auditorium for the opening of the IAYM Programme. The daily schedule of IAYM will be available to participants for their information. During the day, the participants will be briefed on the various projects alloted to them, and the Mentors under whom he/she will be working for the projects. Thereafter, the participant will report directly to the Mentors or their designated associates for any problems or doubts, and will follow the instructions given by them. Lunch will be provided on all working days.

Do not call The Air Force School for any support or query regarding IAYM. Only MSF should be contacted at our specified numbers or by email.

Each participant will be issued a temporary identity card from MSF, which will be valid from 5 June 2011 to 29 June 2011. The participant has to ensure safety of the card and carry the same on his/her person at all times. Entry to the programme venue will be restricted only to those who have the identity card issued by the MSF. Duplicate card will only be issued by the Project Manager on a fee of Rupees Hundred (Rs. 100/-). The card will be issued to the participants on the first day of IAYM – 6 June 2011.
It is compulsory to attend all sessions on all working days. Sessions on each day will start at 9:30 am and finish by 5:30 pm. There may be special sessions organized on Sundays. Exemption from attending any session will only be given in extraordinary circumstances and this exemption has to be obtained, in writing, beforehand from the Project Manager. Failure to do so shall disqualify the participant from IAYM and the participant will not be allowed to continue in the programme; nor shall she/he receive any stipend or travelling expense or the certificate of participation.
Programme Venue: IAYM 2011 is being hosted at The Air Force School, Subroto Park, New Delhi (hereinafter called TAFS). The participant is bound to follow all rules and regulations of TAFS as well as their hostel rules and those set by the MSF for IAYM 2011. Any misconduct, misbehavior or breach of discipline on his/her part will be viewed seriously and may result in expulsion from the internship programme.
Any damage to equipment (computers, furniture etc.) at the programme venue by the participant will result in immediate expulsion from the programme and in addition, he/she will be liable to pay for the damages.
The participant has to be careful about the usage of computers provided by MSF/TAFS at the venue. Limit usage to work related to the assigned projects. Internet will be provided for project work only. Misuse or accessing internet for purposes other than the project work shall result in expulsion from the programme.
Expelled participants as well as those that choose to leave midway will not receive any stipend or traveling expense or the certificate of participation.
MSF will not provide any pickup or drop facility. The participant has to arrange for her/his own transportation to reach TAFS on time.
On 28 June, 2011, the final day, participants who have successfully completed the programme will be given the IAYM certificate of participation. On the same day, the stipend and reimbursement of traveling expense (if any has been promised by MSF in its email of selection to the participant) will be paid by an ‘account payee’ cheque. For outstation candidates, the cheque will be ‘payable at par’ at all places in India where there is an ICICI Bank.

Delhi participants will receive a cheque ‘payable at par’ in Delhi. The participant must ensure filling up of the particulars of the person in whose name the cheques are to be made, in the registration form. If, due to unavoidable circumstances, the MSF is unable to give the certificate or the cheque on 28 June, it/they shall be dispatched by courier/speed post to an address provided by the participant within 21 working days.
The intellectual property rights for any method or software or other output of the programme shall vest with MSF.
MSF reserves the right to modify any rule or instruction or formulate new rules to ensure smooth and academic functioning of IAYM 2011. Every participant will be bound by these rules.
All matters pertaining to leave, discipline, and any special requests have to be made to the Project Manager - Wing Commander (Retd.) Sharad Chaturvedi. The decision of the Organizing Committee of IAYM 2011 will be final and binding on all.
Please quote your reference number in all contacts/correspondence with the MSF.
For those participants who have been informed by email that they have been selected as outstation participants.
You have applied for travel and stay support, and we are glad we can give it to you under the conditions stated below.
Your accommodation has been arranged in the TAFS hostel. There are separate floors for boys and girls. On arrival in Delhi, you are to reach TAFS. The security staff of the school will guide you to MSF faculty. You will then be taken to the hostel. The rooms will have almirahs and beds with mattresses. You are to carry your own bed sheets, pillows & pillow covers, small lock for the almirah, blankets/covering sheets (the rooms are air-cooled), towels, personal toiletry items and any other items for personal use. The rooms are available only from 5 June 2011 to 29 June 2011. You will be sharing the room with other participants. MSF shall pay for the rooms.
You have to report to TAFS hostel on 5 June 2011 between 10:00 AM and 6:00 PM. Participants arriving before 10:00 AM on 5 June 2011 will not be allotted their room until 10:00 AM on 5 June 2011. Late arrivals (after 6 PM, 5 June) will not be admitted unless they have prior written/emailed approval of the Project Manager.
MSF will not provide any pick or drop facility. The participant has to arrange for her/his own transportation to reach TAFS hostel on time. The TAFS hostel is in the School campus. The School is a well known place, located near the Dhaula Kuan intersection.
Please ensure that you adhere strictly to the rules of the hostel as well as the School. Any misconduct, misbehavior or breach of discipline on your part will be viewed seriously. Any misbehavior or damage to equipment, furniture etc. at the hostel by you will result in immediate expulsion from the programme and in addition, you will be liable to pay for the damages.
Your meals will be provided by the school canteen and will be paid for by the MSF. The meals will be on a fixed menu basis and you will have to pay for anything you order in the meals over and above the fixed menu. Laundry facilities are available on payment.
There will be MSF faculty and Associate Mentors staying with the participants in both the hostels. All participants have to obey orders issued by the hostel authorities or the MSF faculty and Associate Mentors.
You are required to make your own arrangement for onward and return journeys. Please ensure that you make your reservation so as to arrive at TAFS on 5 June 2011, between 10:00 AM and 6:00 PM.
Your departure must not be earlier than 4 pm on 28 June, 2011. You will have to vacate the hostel room latest by 10:00 am on 29 June, 2011.
Reimbursement of travel expenses: The MSF will reimburse 3AC fare of the shortest route by express train or actual expense, whichever is lower. Reimbursement for the journey to Delhi shall be made only on production and submission of the used ticket (please photocopy the ticket before starting the
journey). Participants travelling by bus are required to submit the actual bus ticket/receipt to avail the reimbursement. For the return journey, the original ticket has to be produced and a photocopy of it must be submitted. We will not be able to reimburse any travel expenses without submission of the stated documents. Travel expenses will be reimbursed along with the stipend on 28 June, 2011 by an ‘account payee’ cheque. The cheque will be ‘payable at par’ at all places in India where there is an ICICI Bank. Please note that no payments will be made to you if you are unable to complete the programme for any reason whatsoever. Local transport expenses will not be reimbursed.
Please make your reservations at the earliest. It is desirable that you send us photocopies of your tickets along with the completed registration form. In any case, you should inform us about the details of your travel plans as soon as they are finalized.
Further instructions may be posted later. Please visit the website before coming for the IAYM Programme.