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Inviting All Young Minds - 2011

(June 6 to June 28, 2011)

Sponsored by the SHIV NADAR UNIVERSITY, Greater NOIDA
IAYM 2011 Result
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The Mathematical Sciences Foundation announces the third edition of its popular IAYM summer internship programme. The purpose of IAYM is to nurture out of the box thinking in bright and young students (of Class X and above, as well as College) by involving them in interesting real world projects that have been a subject of vigorous research in the recent years.

There will be projects that encourage experiments via computer simulation as well as physical models. If your dream is to become a scientist, computer engineer, stock market wizard or a mathematician then IAYM has all the ingredients to give you a solid head start towards your ambition.

You will be working under a project mentor who will take care of all the mathematical/IT preliminaries involved in the project.


May 9, 2011:   Result

May 7, 2011: We are finalizing the list of selected students. Over the next few days we will contact the selected students to confirm their participation. On Monday, May 9, the results will also be uploaded on this website. A small waitlist will be kept for use in case of any withdrawals by selected students.

This year's IAYM is DIFFERENT in the sense that you have the opportunity to design and propose your own project that comes closest to your dream. Our jury shall pay special attention to your project and give extra credit points. If your project gets considered for this IAYM then you would have made a strong case for selection.

Some of the projects shortlisted for IAYM 2011 are:
  1. Mathematics from Nature:  You will be surprised to know that living organisms like insects and birds have motivated scientists to build powerful mathematical techniques that have solved many complex real world problems spanning engineering, medicine, artificial intelligence etc.

    In this project you will see how ants help us solve cost minimizing problems efficiently. These techniques go under the head of Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) – an area that was developed just a decade ago.(School & College)

  2. Stock Market Trading: Ever wondered if there was a science and method behind the stock market madness? This summer, use the power of Mathematics and Computer Science to be PAUL the Octopus of the stock market. Computational concepts in Linear Algebra will be explored. (College)

  3. Innovative ways of Public Transportation: Frustrated by travelling in overcrowded buses and trains? Devise innovative ways of public transportation such as mass transit helium filled vehicle. (School & College)

  4. Beautiful World of Fractals: Good in Mathematics but bad at playing music? And yet have a desire to compose music like Mozart? No worries. Delve into the beautiful and interesting world of fractals to match up to the best in music. Mapping of Fractals with other systems such as music nodes will be explored. (College)

  5. Video Compression: Have you ever felt annoyed at not being able to e-mail your favorite videos to your friends? Let us come together and develop our own video compressing software. Mathematical tools such as wavelets will be used. (College)

  6. Fingerprint Recognition: Do you want to prevent strangers from accessing your personal computer? Your fingers come very handy. Explore and learn Mathematics behind the Fingerprint Recognition and make your own computer software. Here, mathematical concepts like discrete Fourier Transform will be used. (School)

  7. Encryption: Do you know that Germany lost World War II, because its powerful encrypting technique was cracked. Make sure that India does not have to face that moment. Come and devise an invincible encrypting technique for your Motherland. Powerful tools from Number Theory will be used. (School & College)

  8. Mathematical Biology: Do you know that one third of the Asthmatic patients of the world are in India? Many people are added to this list each day and they are unaware of their illness. Let us identify a patient at the early stage before it's too late for her/him. To address this problem we will make use of statistical analysis and optimization techniques. (School & College)

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Online Application Form

Venue: The Air Force School

Location of TAFS

IAYM Blog - for updates, responses to queries, as well as information on the 2009 and 2010 editions

Rules & Instructions

IAYM 2011 Brochure Download this page

Selected students:
  • Shall be taught computer programming and software packages along with mathematics

  • Shall be paid a total stipend of Rs. 5000/-

  • Shall be provided free board, lodging and rail fare if from outstation

  • Shall also work on projects in mathematics education

The Shiv Nadar University
Eligibility Criteria


SNU aims to create a centre of excellence in higher education. It seeks to be a leader in multi-disciplinary, research-led collaboration among faculty and students, with a strong focus on high quality, result-oriented education. When fully operational, the university shall have about 8000 students on its fully residential campus.



Background required: Should have an appreciation for mathematics. No specialized knowledge beyond your curriculum is expected. Whatever training is required for the project will be given to you.

School students who have entered Xth standard by summer 2011. Those currently sitting for the XII board exams are also eligible.

College Students from the streams of BSc/ BA/ BTech etc. which have papers of Mathematics/Statistics.

If you have doubts about your eligibility, please apply (it's free!) and let MSF sort it out.

For any query write to us at iaym@mathscifound.org or call us at the following phone numbers: 011-65182616, 011-29230401. Do not call The Air Force School for any support or query regarding IAYM. Only MSF should be contacted at our specified numbers or by email.