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Excel in Corporate Finance

Online Certificate Programme in Corporate Finance via MS Excel
Spurred by the success of its existing Finance programs, MSF has launched an online course called ‘Excel in Corporate Finance’. This program provides a ‘ready-made recipe’ to carve out a successful career in insurance companies, financial firms, the banking sector, etc., in areas such as investor education and counseling, project choice, portfolio management, and risk analysis.
  In short, you can be successful in any company that is involved in risk management projects.  
  • Teaches Investment Theory, Risk Management, and Portfolio Design. Packed with real world practical examples from the corporate world.
  • Fully structured, step-by-step, interactive, and ‘hands-on’ lessons.
  • Designed for part-time study over 15 weeks.
  • Suitable for a wide variety of students – including undergraduates, those pursuing professional courses or in employment.
  • No prior knowledge of Finance, Economics or Excel is required. Should have studied mathematics upto class 12.
  • Includes an introduction to the relevant Statistics and its applications in Finance.
  • You will learn the subject in a hands-on fashion by working out the Excel spreadsheets provided to you weekly. The spreadsheets and supporting material will be self-contained in providing clear & detailed descriptions of statistical and financial procedures and formulas. You will learn to utilize the tremendous power of the many features built into Excel.
  • Full online support will be provided to you. This will include textual material, video clips, and an online discussion forum.
  • The course is being run by highly experienced and eminent faculty members, under the guidance of a distinguished Advisory Board.
  • The final grade will be based on regular online quizzes, assignments, and a final exam. You can opt to not receive a grade.
  Medium:                                        ONLINE  
  Duration:                                       15 weeks  
  Fee:                                                 Rs. 10,000 for individuals residing in India. $300 for those residing outside India .  
  Final Exam Date:                          January & June.  
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