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Course in Mathematical Finance


Certified by icici bank


  • There is no selection process and anyone can register for this fully online course.

  • Students in Delhi can enrol for the face-to-face version of this course: Programme in Mathematical Finance.
  • Suitable for anyone who has studied mathematics at the +2 level (in school or in college). Some acquaintance with Calculus & Probability would be helpful, though the necessary mathematics is also reviewed in our course material.

  • Builds up from basic concepts to advanced Nobel Prize-winning work. You will acquire detailed knowledge of portfolio design, stock price models, financial derivatives, and risk analysis. Highlights of the programme are the Capital Asset Pricing Model, the Binomial Options Pricing Model and the Black-Scholes Model, and applications such as VaR (Value at Risk).

  • Highly useful for careers in the corporate sector, investment banks, financial & academic institutions, insurance sector, etc.
  • This is an online course. It is conducted through our portal www.msfonline.in using Moodle, the most popular learning management system for online courses.

  • You will be provided with detailed textual material and study instructions, as well as Excel spreadsheets for the computer work.

  • Discussion sessions will be conducted by MSF faculty, once every two weeks in the evening.

  • MSF faculty shall also be available for mentoring online.

  • There will be regular assignments and online quizzes. The final grade will be based on these as well as on the performance in the final exams.

  • The course has been designed for part-time study over a duration of 5 months. However, you can do it a different pace - Please write to us if you desire to do so.

  • Fee:
    For Indian Students: The fee for the course is Rs 10,000 + Service Tax at 10.3%. Therefore the total payment due is Rs 11,030.

    For Students Outside India: The fee for the course is $ 300 + Service Tax at 10.3%. Therefore the total payment due is $331.

    You can pay by way of a bank draft or a cheque in favour of Mathematical Sciences Foundation payable at Delhi.