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Interactions with the Corporate World


The Foundation interacts with the corporate world in many ways.

  • Training Programmes. MSF has created training modules for the corporate sector on themes such as Excel in Finance, Excel in the Corporate World, Excel in Statistics, Business Statistics, etc.

    Three such programmes for which admissions are currently open are:

    • Excel in Corporate Finance: A fully online certificate course which imparts the practical knowledge and skills needed for a successful career in the world of Finance. Worldwide admission open.

    • Programme in Mathematical Finance: Our pioneering programme on modern Finance and the role of Mathematics in it. Jointly certified by the ICICI Bank Ltd.

      The 2010-11 edition is being conducted at the YWCA of Delhi starting September 8, 2010. Registration Open.

    • Course in Mathematical Finance: Fully online version of the Programme in Mathematical Finance. Also certified by the ICICI Bank Ltd. Registration open year round.

    Which One Should I Choose? (Click here for a comparison chart)

  • Consultancies. MSF has carried out various statistics and optimization based consultancies for telemarketers, banks, and real estate investors.

  • Internships. Many of our students have been placed as interns with corporate houses. While these students have gained hands-on experience of the usefulness of their course material, the corporate houses too have benefited from their innovative work.

Our aim is to foster and engender a deep interaction between the corporate/industrial world and the academic world for the benefit of both.