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  bamboo bus stop

Innovative Use of Bamboo

An opportunity for bright, young minds towards innovative thinking

bamboo group  

MSF has launched a one-year project sponsored by the National Mission on Bamboo Applications, Government of India, with the following goals:

  • Design and develop mathematical and scientific tools which can be used in a better understanding of mathematical and physical principles at the school and college levels. The tools are intended to be low-cost and environmentally friendly.
  • Encourage out of the box thinking towards using bamboo for technological innovations.
  • Use of bamboo as an alternate material to non-biodegradable & high energy consuming materials like metals and plastics.

As part of this project, MSF selected eight high school and undergraduate students for a one-month summer internship in June 2010, conducted at The Air Force School, Subroto Park, New Delhi. The students were paid a stipend of Rs 5,000 each and worked in close coordination with MSF faculty as well as designers and craftsmen from RHIZOME, Ahmedabad.

The student interns were:

Munib Fazal
B.Tech, Computer Science, Jamia Hamdard
Ashish Jain
B.Tech, ECE, Northern India Engineering College
Divyanka Kapoor
BA (Hons) Mathematics, Lady Shri Ram College for Women
Akanksha Mittal
Class XII, Bluebells International School
Nitin Agrawal
Class X, CRPF Public School
Ishita Vishnoi
Class X, St. Thomas School
Varnika Chawla
Class X, Delhi Public School, R K Puram
Abhishek Kumar
Class X, Don Bosco School

The students created prototypes for use in teaching applications of trigonometry, properties of triangles and other polygons, linear equations, static and kinetic friction, conservation of momentum, gear mechanisms and properties of sound waves. They also designed a bamboo bus stop. MSF faculty members are now working with designers to refine these prototypes and bring them into mass production, as well as to create further aids, models and devices.