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A Report Summarizing MSF Activities

The Mathematical Sciences Foundation (MSF) is a registered non-profit educational society. It has been engaged for several years in path-breaking and innovative programmes related to the teaching, understanding, learning and application of mathematics at the school, college and post-graduate levels.

The Mathematical Sciences Foundation has been formed to create a role model for education in India. The engine that drives this role model is the discipline of mathematics and its myriad connections to all aspects of human endeavour. Our mission is to provide a dynamic and strong institutional platform that will

  • Nurture out of the box thinking leading to innovations and inventions relevant for industry and the world.
  • Create a consulting mechanism that shall foster and engender interaction between the corporate/industrial world and the ideas of the institute.
  • Serve the needs of the nation and civil society through regular programmes of training and mentoring for other institutions and groups of individuals.
  • Act as a magnet for leading scientists and mathematicians from different parts of the world who shall stay linked with us to create the right environment for our activities.
  • Market our products and services to academic and corporate institutions the world over.
  • Design and run innovative certificate/diploma/degree courses:
    • Undergraduate programmes with recognition from leading universities of India and other countries.
    • Part-time programmes of various levels (e.g. basic software training, Business Statistics, Mathematical Finance, Image Processing).
    • Post-graduate programmes.
    • Develop material for schools.
    • Run academic programmes for school students.
    • Run academic/training programmes for school teachers.
  • Create collaborative programmes with universities from across the world.
  • Provide special services to students and faculty of other institutions.
  • Conduct programmes online and also broadcast on TV and radio.

We are creating an environment that will attract the best minds from all over the world – whether as students who come to study, or as IT & Mathematics faculty, or as researchers for post-doctoral fellowships and further.