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  Recognizing Budding Ramanujan : A Mathematical competition

Mathematical Sciences Foundation is conducting "Recognizing Ramanujan" to seek out young minds whose thought processes are aligned and focused towards the efforts required in the field of research in mathematical sciences along with the uses of modern technology in mathematics.

This competition is based on the problems inspired by the work started by Srinivasa Ramanujan and complementary innovative ideas which will help us to identify young math lovers who wish to explore the fascinating world of research and innovations related to mathematics and computers. Stay tuned to our facebook page for more details!

Facebook page link : https://www.facebook.com/MathSciFound/

#5MinutesofFrame Filmmaking Challenge- Innovative Filmmaking in the Digital Age by The Internet College

Films tell us a story and we want to know yours. The Internet College is dedicated to promoting innovative talent in all forms and now the #5MinutesofFrame Smartphone Filmmaking Challenge aims to bring forward this concept through the mode of Smartphone Filmmaking. Smartphones are changing the world as we know it. We are documenting our lives almost every day by uploading pictures online and even more so through stories and live videos. Everyone can be a filmmaker and that is the message 5 Minutes of Frame aims to spread.

The idea behind #5MinutesofFrame was to encourage and fund promising talent by enabling the use of a democratic medium. The call for entries was advertised through social media platforms, and The Internet College received as entries many creative films that touched upon various issues of social relevance, such as gender and sexual identity, women empowerment, mental health and the role that AI plays in our lives.The shortlisted films were screened at the venue-- India Islamic Cultural Centre--and the awards for the top 3 films, as well as various other awards for cinematography, acting talent, scriptwriting, music and editing, were distributed at the event.

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Teachers' Training Workshop at SD Public School, Pitampura, New Delhi

Mathematical Sciences Foundation successfully completed a Teachers’ Training Workshop at SD Public School, Pitampura from the 19th-21st July, 2018. The workshop spanned over 3 days with 21 teachers from 10 different schools- Kulachi Hansraj Model School, DAV Public School Pushpanjali Enclave and Himalaya Public School to name a few. The workshop focused on the following objectives-

  • Help transform the entire teaching-learning process into a more hands-on and student-centric process.
  • Provide innovative and valuable resources to the participants.
  • Train teachers to create their own resources and develop ideas.
  • Introduce novel and tested ideas into the pedagogy.

The Workshop was divided into three themes for each day- "Use of Hands-On Tools in Classrooms", "Observing Mathematics in our Everyday Lives" and "The Easy Way to use ICT Tools: An Introduction to Geogebra and the Creation of e-resources for Classrooms"- paired with special sessions by Professor Dinesh Singh, Chancellor of KR Mangalam University and Former Vice-Chancellor of Delhi University.

Interactive session with Mr. Nigel Lockyer,Director, Fermilab

'Learning Karma' represents the brand behind the highly innovative hybrid enterprises such as The Internet College and College of Startups and. Learning Karma, which comprises of the two sister institutions- The Internet College and The College of Startups, organised an interactive session with leading physicist Dr Nigel Lockyer, Director of Fermilab. The session was attended by scholars, delegates and students of Delhi University. A number of issues were discussed such as the discovery of the Higgs-Boson, preventing rail accidents through a portable tech invention, dramatic energy conservation through new technologies, accelerator spin-offs applied to cancer therapy and water conservation.

Prof. Dinesh Singh, former Vice Chancellor of Delhi University, said that the learning from such enterprises shall flow into offerings and activities of the Internet College and vice versa. "As part of the official program, startups will receive an access to world-class data and content sets and mentoring from experienced executives and from high-end institutions across the globe networking opportunities for investment and commercialisation".

Dr Nigel Lockyer said "Fermilab along with CERN is the world’s leading particle physics research centre. It has played a major role in the discovery of the Higgs-Boson leading to a Nobel Prize. A select list of technology-based applications emanating from Fermilab-including a very important one for IT (programming) includes a multi software system that can shorten and save programming time"

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The Internet College : Launch

Professor Dinesh Singh, former Vice Chancellor, University of Delhi, launched The Internet College and The College of Startups in a large gathering of students, jobseekers, entrepreneurs and academics at The India International Centre, New Delhi, on April 19th, 2017.

The two sister institutions- The Internet College and The College of Startups- make use of a unique pedagogy and new-age technology to redefine education, enable the youth and address the needs and challenges of the real world through hands-on, interdisciplinary knowledge and skills. The Internet College will run a series of mentored, interdisciplinary, hands-on programmes in English Language, Communication and Self-Enhancement, and The Power of Data in the Real World, among many others. The idea is to enable students and jobseekers with useful skills and impart learning in enjoyable, interactive, peer-based styles while adopting basic technology to transcend the limitations of classroom learning. The institutions will focus greatly on increasing the number of job creators.

The College of Startups is a unique enterprise that is much more than a traditional accelerator for startups. Innovative startup ideas that address the needs and challenges of the real world will be nurtured in every capacity from the initial stage until the final launch of the startup enterprise. The College of Startups will work closely with The Internet College to enable a well-rounded experience for entrepreneurs and to equip them with the requisite knowledge and skills.

The institutions have already conducted two unique learning experiments each. The success of these experiments was showcased and discussed at the launch event.

The Internet College and The College of Startups have received immense attention from academic institutions of great repute from around the world. The Imperial College of Science and Technology, London, which is ranked 8th in the world, has signed up to collaborate in many ways with the two institutions starting in April/May 2017.